Kush VS Skunk Cannabis Strain: What Is The Best Strain?

Kush or Skunk are both familiar and widely known names. Whether you’re new to marijuana or you’re an old stoner, you’ve probably heard the name Kush or Skunk at least once.

Yes, these two cannabis strain are typical parent strain. They all produce a lot of different cannabis strain, and they all have a high quality and give the stoner the most unforgettable effect.

But when we create a confrontation between Kush and Skunk, which strain will stand out more for beginner? We will compare these two strains based on some of the most basic factors to find out which is the best strain on top seed banks.

#1 Origin

Unlike many people think, Kush is not a specific cannabis strain, it is a group of Indica strain. However, for convenience and easier, people consider it as a strain.

Kush originated from Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. They grow particularly well on the Hindu Kush mountain and that is also the origin of this name.

And Skunk is the result of a cross between many strains like Afghani, Colombia Colombia and Acapulco Gold. And its creator is Sam Sam The Skunkman. Skunk is a combination of the most outstanding characteristics and that is why it is so popular.

#2 Growing

Kush is originally a weed growing on the Hindu mountain of Kush so its vitality is very strong. Therefore, it is not sensitive to extreme weather conditions and can be grown both outdoors and indoors.

Kush is especially suitable for confined spaces, so it is preferred by many grower. It also yields significant yields, about 500 + g / m2.

Skunk also shows its breakthrough when it can be grown indoors, outdoors or greenhouses. It is also capable of withstanding a variety of weather conditions to be able to grow up healthy.

Skunk gives off super thick and resinous buds. This is also what makes growers good harvests. This strain gives significant productivity in a short time.

#3 Effect

Kush is considered one of the most fragrant cannabis strain. It can create fine smoke and cause the mind to relax immediately. It also has sedative and analgesic effects, especially suitable for stoner who are exhausted both physically and mentally.

While Skunk has a strong scent, it can create echo effects in the brain from the first sip of smoke. This unique effect also manifests itself in providing a significant source of energy for the stoner. It will help stoner become energetic and happy immediately.

Final Verdict

In terms of productivity, Skunk strain seems to stand out, but overall, Kush is a better strain. But when these two strains create new strains, they are of quite equal quality.