Grandaddy Purple VS Ice Wreck VS Northern Lights: What Is The Best Cannabis Indica Strain?

Indica strain is one of the two most common cannabis strain in cannabis seed bank besides the Sativa strain. Indica dominant varieties grow lower and spread wider than seeds of the Sativa strain. That is why they are more suitable to grow indoors than outdoors.

Cannabis Indica strain has a more curative effect, which is another trait unlike those of the Sativa strain. Usually this strain brings about a more relaxed and calmer feeling through the feeling of high cough-locked being frozen all over the body and reducing severe pain.

Indica strain is easy to make stoners sleepy and sedative, so they are often used at night. They are also prescribed by doctors to treat insomnia, relieve pain, fight anxiety and reduce stress.

The three most common Indica strains are Grandaddy Purple, Ice Wreck and Northern Lights. But what is the best cannabis Indica strain?

#1 Grandaddy Purple

Grandaddy Purple is strain bred between Purple Urkle and Big Bud. It has a beautiful dark purple color, and not every strain can have this color.

The Grandaddy Purple buds are often plump and lush thanks to the quality of the dominant Big Bud strain. These buds are rich in resin and give very high yields.

Grandaddy Purple contains high levels of THC in the range of 17-23%. It creates very high, lightheaded and sleepy effects for stoners. It also has the ability to cure and relieve pain for chronic pain symptoms.

Grandaddy Purple has a very sweet and fresh fruity odor. It also gives a little sticky feeling right after the first sip of smoke.

#2 Ice Wreck

Ice Wreck is an extremely powerful hybrid strain of the Indica strain. Ice Wreck is a hybrid of Trainwreck (a very strong effect Sativa strain) and Nirvana’s Ice.

It is this powerful combination that creates a strain that can keep you excited for the long term. It will make the body stoners softer and automatically swing the body. It can also cause stoners to become stiff and lazy for hours.

Ice Wreck contains extremely high THC content of 27.7% and it gives quite a high yield. If taken care of well, growers can harvest 450g / m2.

#3 Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a true Indica cannabis strain, and has always been one of the most famous cannabis strain.

Northern Lights has an average THC content of about 18%. It has both a spicy and earthy taste and gives smooth smoke to the mouth and throat.

Northern Lights brings a dreamy, high feeling. This strain is also great for muscle relaxation, anti-anxiety, pain relief and stress relief.

Final Verdict

Of these three Indica strain, Northern Lights and Grandaddy Purple are more prominent. In which Grandaddy Purple has a beautiful appearance, high productivity, and unique flavors. Northern Lights is the most popular.

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