The Narcissus Legacy Series

The Darkness Within – Book 3

The Darkness Within

The Darkness Within, Book 3

The Gavril family is divided as Connor’s wife, Genovefa, further estranges herself from them by declaring that she has never loved Connor.
An ancient vampire race known as The Blood targets Connor in an effort to destroy the Vrykolakes from within.
An ancient evil is reborn that can destroy a family and an entire race. Blood will spill. Hope is lost. Or is there another way to face the darkness within?


The Darkness Below – Book 2

The Darkness Below, book two in The Narcissus Legacy

The Darkness Below, book two in The Narcissus Legacy

Twenty years have passed since Keeva killed her grandfather, Delius, when he threatened her family.  She drank in his powers and became the Queen of the Vrykolakes, known by the ancient Greeks as the bloodless vampires.

She and Severin have settled into some semblance of a normal life, living in rural North America with their two kids, Connor and Kaie. Their neighbors would never suspect that they are anything more than a typical family.

Aside from keeping their true identity a secret, everything seems to be going well for the small family.

Until, their twelve year old daughter, Kaie, goes missing.

Are monsters ever afraid of the dark?

When Kaie finally awakens from a prolonged sleep, she is no longer a child, and she is no longer in familiar surroundings. The Forbidding awaits. Echoes of madness surround her. The Belows warn of doom. Legend holds that whatever is born or brought into the Belows must remain there.

Kaie vows to find a way to return to her family, but first she must learn to face her darkest fear, if she is ever to escape from the darkness below.


Here it was, her childhood nightmare in the flesh. Cold dark flesh. It thrashed back and forth, screaming so loudly that Kaie felt like her eardrums would burst. She held onto the sting blade and felt it sink deeper into the specter’s flesh. It ripped downward into muscle and tendons, tearing as she slipped farther down into its throat.

Down she went into the beast’s stomach. She was greeted by a numbing cold that crept upwards from her feet, making its way throughout her body, into her arms and hands, making it hard to hold onto the blade. She flexed her arms and felt the blade continue to slice into the creature’s stomach.

She wasn’t alone. The denizens of its stomach sprang to action at the bidding of their master. They were trying to pry the blade out of her hands. Their touch was freezing cold. She felt her hands slip on the hilt. They clawed and shrieked at her in anger. She fought back with her banshee fire and some of them responded by recoiling. With a thought directed at them she flung the nearest ones away and regained her grasp on the sting blade.

She was so tired. Something told her if she would simply let go, she would slip into a cold oblivion, be free from all pain and suffering, free…

No, it was a lie. With the remaining strength she had, she plunged the blade deeper, and she saw it, pulsing away steadily. The creature’s heart was a deep, dark chasm…but it pulsed, pumping great blasts of cold with each beat of its heart.

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The Vrykolakas Deviation – Book 1

final cover?Maybe she should have killed him when she had the opportunity. That’s what her father would have done. That’s what he’d taught her to do if she ever encountered a vrykolakas, a vampire-like creature which feeds on the life-force of human victims.

Instead, she captured him and took him home with her. She was curious; that’s all. Curious, plus he was kind of cute too. He called her a deviant, a misfit just like her father. That’s because he knew her father too…a long time ago when they both lived on the island of Strongili.

His name, she found out, was Severin, and he happened to be her father’s worst enemy among the vrykolakes. It must have been dumb luck that she captured him out of all the vrykolakes in the world. He was dangerous, but she felt drawn to him. So, she decided to let him go.

Now, she is on the run. Meeting Severin has changed everything. She wants to trust him, wants to believe he has changed after meeting her. But is that possible?

Keeva has always wanted answers, wanted to know what she is and why she looks young when she is really more than two thousand years old. But when the other vrykolakes, who once knew her father, find out about her, she may get more than the answers she bargained for.


“Good evening, Keeva,” Darrin mumbled. He quietly inspected my knots and seemed to approve.

“Evening, Darrin,” I said.

“Do you need some help?”

“That’s nice of you to offer. Thank you.”

“What are we doing here, where are we going with this?” He nudged my package with his foot.

“I need it brought into my apartment. If you could maybe grab that end and I’ll get this one.”

“Sure thing.”

It was much easier lifting Severin with two people. I momentarily wished I’d brought Darrin with me when I’d returned to the reservoir that night, but of course I had originally planned to kill Severin and not bring him back home with me. I couldn’t have known I would have benefitted from having an extra pair of hands.

Once inside my apartment, Darrin asked, “Where to now?”

“My guestroom just back there.” I indicated the direction with a nod of my head.

The cord I’d tied the blanket with had come loose and the vrykolakas was lying there in full view on the bed. Darrin and I both stood there looking at him for a few silent moments. It was a trifle bit awkward.

Finally, Darrin said, “Those knots you tied on his wrists should hold him pretty good. You did a good job there.” He nodded approvingly.

“Thanks.” I wondered how much experience Darrin had in tying knots.

“Need anything else?”

“No, that should about do it. Thanks, Darrin, you’ve been a great help.”

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  2. Congratulations…I can’t believe you wrote about the vrykolakas…I just got my manuscript accepted by a publishing house and that is the same term I used! That is crazy…
    and here I thought I was the only one!
    Thanks for following my blog and I will do the same
    Good luck and wish you the best.

  3. That was my reason as well, plus I’m Greek so the Greek folklore was something I wanted to explore and make up as well.
    Thanks for the support!🙂

      • Animal blood only…plus I added my own imaginary stuff as writers always do since I didn’t find that much information. When is your book published? How can I get one? I’d love to read it.

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